Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back on Mountain Time

It has taken awhile to get back to Canada time - but back we are and not a moment too soon. Sunday, we had fairly significant snowfall, so it is starting to feel like Christmas. Getting back into the swing of things - is proving to be a little difficult - you know that let down feeling after you have had a wonderful holiday.....only worked one day last week but think once I am back to my normal schedule things will start falling into place.
It was good to get home after being away so long but also hard to leave our girl so far away. Never mind, we know she is with a wonderful man who loves her very much so that made it easier to leave.
Getting to help her buy her wedding gown my last day in Brisbane was a real bonus for both her and I. Now she can concentrate on finding a venue here in town.
Took lots of pictures - am sorting through them now - here are a few of the best!

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deb said...

What great pics!! You must of had so much fun!