Monday, March 22, 2010

another family photo

Had to share this photo with you - my mom was the youngest of 8 children and the only girl - yes she was a "princess" - they all adored her rumour has it! This picture was taken in 1928 so she was eight years old.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My St. Patrick's Day

Had a very eventful St. Patrick's Day - had made plans to meet DS's significant other for lunch so decided to check my emails first. Had message on Facebook from someone wondering if Arthur St. George Robinson was a relation......yes indeed....he was my maternal grandfather.......turns out the person who contacted me is a descendant of my grandfather's sister Agnes Anne Robinson - how wonderful is that? While I was away shopping and having lunch with Michelle, he sent me a picture which included my grandfather, his two sisters, his brother and his father (my great grandfather!) - we are swapping pictures, birth, wedding and death certificates - this is just wonderful to find distant relatives who are interested in sharing family info. During my morning journey, I stopped at Paper Pastimes - found the paper trimmer I had been looking for - paid too much for it but think it will be the last trimmer I will ever need to buy - guillotine - wonderful - so then I had enough time to drop by Just Petites in Glenmore Landing - and found a dress very appropriate for the Mother of the Bride......I am thrilled because it is very flattering.....I love it.
Ended up at the Broken Plate with Michelle for a delicious lunch -
have continued to send and receive pictures with my long lost relative - what a St Patrick's Day - yes the Robinsons are Irish - hoping to find out when they left Ireland - what their ship was called and where they arrived in Canada. How fun is this? Life is very good!