Thursday, March 18, 2010

My St. Patrick's Day

Had a very eventful St. Patrick's Day - had made plans to meet DS's significant other for lunch so decided to check my emails first. Had message on Facebook from someone wondering if Arthur St. George Robinson was a relation......yes indeed....he was my maternal grandfather.......turns out the person who contacted me is a descendant of my grandfather's sister Agnes Anne Robinson - how wonderful is that? While I was away shopping and having lunch with Michelle, he sent me a picture which included my grandfather, his two sisters, his brother and his father (my great grandfather!) - we are swapping pictures, birth, wedding and death certificates - this is just wonderful to find distant relatives who are interested in sharing family info. During my morning journey, I stopped at Paper Pastimes - found the paper trimmer I had been looking for - paid too much for it but think it will be the last trimmer I will ever need to buy - guillotine - wonderful - so then I had enough time to drop by Just Petites in Glenmore Landing - and found a dress very appropriate for the Mother of the Bride......I am thrilled because it is very flattering.....I love it.
Ended up at the Broken Plate with Michelle for a delicious lunch -
have continued to send and receive pictures with my long lost relative - what a St Patrick's Day - yes the Robinsons are Irish - hoping to find out when they left Ireland - what their ship was called and where they arrived in Canada. How fun is this? Life is very good!


Lynette said...

Sounds like an awesome day! How fun!!

Charmaine Stack said...

M-J, this is so neat for you. I am not sure if you have seen the TV show Who do you think you are? but it is fascinating watching people trace their ancestors, etc. I think you would like it.