Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back from trip to Australia

We are back from a wonderful Christmas vacation to Australia. Met some wonderful craft ladies there. Two in particular were especially kind to the two of us - Doreen and Patsy took us out each day our first week - looking at rainforests, botanical gardens, the Glass Mountains, then Patsy had to go back to work so it was Doreen, Morris and myself travelling about..... where the floods had been last year in Toowoomba in particular - my hubby had been there 40 years ago and was anxious to return - he didn't recognize much - it is quite a large place and driving through, you would not really know they experienced such tragedy a year ago......
the Australians are a resilient lot - yes we still love the country and it was especially nice to see our new DIL experience it for the first time.
Bought a lot of crafting supplies whilst I have to put them to good use. Hopefully this week, will get busy and create. When I do, I will share!

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Lynette said...

Welcome home, M-J! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. What fun!!