Saturday, May 10, 2008


Gosh I can't believe how quickly the time if flying by - last post April 22 - what has happened since then? - well - one of my work colleagues jumped ship to work in the community and we finally got around to having a farewell party. Another work colleague volunteered her house, so we had a lovely evening together.
Have been working in two day blocks and playing quite a bit in my craft room. Had to scramble and make some last moment Mother's Day cards as the mingle I organized didn't quite go as smoothly as I had hoped. So ended up sending another three cards to make sure each participant received a Mother's Day card. Hoping the Father's Day mingle goes a whole lot better.
Got some new stamps from the Angel Company in the states, they come unmounted, much like SU but the mounting foam they send with the stamps allows you to use with acrylic mounting block. Am really, really impressed with these stamps - great , clear images. Also got some whipper snapper stamps so really have no excuse not to play - do have the cards for the Father's Day mingle done and ready to send so am two weeks ahead of myself.
Ebay's (Canada)listings have changed which really threw me for a loop this week. I have it bookmarked but when I went to look a couple of days ago, things were very different - rubber stamping is now located under scrapbooking - what the hec is that all about? anyway has taken me a couple of days to navigate the changes and hoping to see what bargains I can find.
Will try to post some more cards soon - told daughter about site someone shared online - wediing dress cookies - but even better there is a template for the dress so that is my project for today - make a "wedding dress" shower? card using this template.

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