Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cards Arrived - Daughter off to Beachcomb and Snorkel

Well Ali got her cards and she loves them - will post some of them here - she and Corinne are now on Margaret Island off the coast of Australia to snorkel and beachcomb for a whole week. They called just as the little tiny plane was landing to take them to the island. Ali says it was just big enough to maybe hold 4 passengers. They sure sounded excited - hope she takes lots of pictures.


Susan said...

Great cards! You've been busy. Love how you use your ribbon. I need to work on that! Love, love them!

Joan Fricker said...

Thanks for you comment on my web site.
The lace punch is by Martha Stewart and my neice bought it for me. I think you can find it online though.

Thanks for stopping by and especially for leaving a comment.
I was not able to find an email address, so thought I would just comment.

Great cards!!!


Kaye Truscott said...

Great Site,

Beautiful cards, keep up the great work.

Kaye (Australia)