Monday, April 14, 2008

Lots of Card Making

At work on Saturday, I took some cards to show the ladies what I had been doing in my time off - they liked them so much that four of them have asked me to make them some. Three of these ladies have little children so they want a stash of Birthday cards. So needless to say I have gone into production mode yet again. Have lost count at how many I have made but will have to package them to take to hospital on Wednesday so will count them tomorrow and post pictures.
Corinne, my daughter's best friend, leaves Thursday and gets to Brisbane on Saturday. They have a few days planned in Brisbane until Corinne gets time adjusted, then they are off on a mini vacation to an island off the coast of Australia for a week. They plan on living in their bathing suits and snorkeling - how good does life get? In addition to the shoes and boots she wants, Ali also asked if I could look and see the prices of Sex and the City DVDs - as she has finished watching the first season and all she has is season 5 and part 2 of season 6. So went to Best Buy to price them out - 29.99 which I thought was pretty good, so got everything she wanted and when I got to the till - all were on sale for 19.99 each how good is that?????? and she is thrilled to be getting them as that will make her set complete.
It's cold today - trying to decide if it should rain or snow - my son called tonight to say he has put the blankets on the horses and says they have 2" just north of Cochrane. Wish spring would come and stay. Maybe if I ask nicely?

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Susan said...

Great deal you got! Love that series and hope everyone has a great visit. Of course they would want your cards - you do beautiful work! Can't wait to see the cards you did! You going to keep us in suspense?!