Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Thought I would share the latest with my daughter. Some of you already know my daughter left Jan 22 for Brisbane, Australia to be with the man of her dreams. She has found a job with a travel agency and is loving living in Brisbane. Her best friend left here Thursday, the 24th to spend two weeks with Ali in Australia. So far they have been to the Koala sanctuary (not just koalas, but kangaroos and wallabys too!) then yesterday they flew to Sydney for the day. Ali says you can't go all the way to Australia and not see the Opera House, the bridge or the harbour. So the two of them spent the day in Sydney - how fun is that? Her Dad's and my turn next I think!

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Anonymous said...

Good thing to travel now before having kids! How hot is it in Autralia now, as it's their autumn?