Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eventful day

My day started off with taking my son's dog to groomers for trim then on to buy primer & paint for the half bath. Got started priming only to miss a telephone call. Thank goodness she left message on answering machine. It was a work colleague asking if I had remembered we were supposed to be at Stage West for Matinee - there I was painting - no shower this morning - thought I'd wait until I had priming done - so I quickly changed - applied some makeup and took off. Made it just in time. She had made a couple of plates of food waiting for me....worried I wouldn't make it before the meal was over - so just arrived and there was my meal waiting for me - Kathleen is a dear!
Was a wonderful musical about middle age and how forgetful people are - I laughed a lot - probably more because of how my day had gone. Once show was over had to race home to collect son's dog at groomers. Son picked up dog and hubby and I finished priming and painting the half bath. It is now 10:30 and the both of us are pooped....but the bathroom sure looks nice. Good color choice - fawn beige!

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