Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where are the days going?

Have worked some extra shifts as colleagues all taking summer holidays and of course we are doing that later in the year.
Have had out of town company for a few days - lots of fun to spend time with a favorite sister in law. Once we were on our own, we went out for lunch, went to see Mama Mia and laughed our heads off. Then the second night we drove to Canmore to watch my nephew perform in the Oh Canda Eh Dinner Theatre. I am so proud of that man - to watch him morph into a super talented performer. How wonderful that must be!
Anyway we sure had a good time - we always do, come to think of it - she and I think a lot alike.
Have been enjoying my garden and watching the wonderful flowers bloom in the heat.
Now I have a new project. This favorite sister in law sings in a barbershop quartet and they have a fundraiser in the fall so I will be making packets of cards for the group's silent auction. Have already got a few made and will post pictures of them. Really enjoying this project and have to have something to keep me busy while Ali is away in Fiji and out of touch (not able to skype!)
Pictures of garden and cards to follow!
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