Monday, August 3, 2009

New Nesties Storage Solution

I am a very visual person - and I find if I can't see it - it doesn't get used - so with that in mind I wanted something for my nesties and went on the search - found this idea here:
So went to my local Walmart in the children's craft section and found packages of two magnetic sheets (sticky backed) - came home and "stuck" them to my bulletin board - used three packages - hung my bulletin board and voila - instant art!!!!
On a side note am using my nesties more now that they are out in the open - and have decided to keep my old system magnetic sheets in CD holders for when I travel.
Thank you Sandy for bringing your camera and taking this photo - have misplaced my digital camera - not sure where but it is here somewhere!!! (I hope!!!)


Loves Paper Crafts said...

What a WONDERFUL idea! I just bought my first set of nesties, and I LOVE them. I know I'll be getting more. I love this idea! I know I would definitely use them if they were out right in front of me.

Thanks for this wonderful idea!


Sue from Oregon said...

Oh i found it and will link up to your blog sometime soon so others can enjoy your idea!