Monday, January 11, 2010

Valentine's Day cards - update

Set about making male Valentine's Day cards - need some for challenge, mingle and personal use - You might be able to see the changes on the blue one - decided it needed something more so added a bit of ribbon(no bow) and a tiny red heart. Liked it so decided to make another - green this time - same card - different stamp. I liked the embossed background and wanted to try it on different embossed image, my heat gun died - yup, no juice - funny how it throws you - tried it a variety of outlets NOPE - dead - DH took it apart and thinks it is switch because no fan and no heat. Sad - looking at getting another but think I want the Heat It because it is quieter and doesn't blow like the others......Hmmmm.....think I can find one in this city of a million people.....NOT!!!!


Becky said...

Gorgeous cards.

Penny Ricco said...

Very tastefully done, masculine and yet very pretty. Great job. Thanks for sharing :-)

Lisa F. said...

Very nice cards. I'm new to card-making, and I love the way you've done some tasteful ones for me! Great inspiration. By the way, my mother's nickname is Chook, too (or Chookie). You are the only other person I've met who goes by that nickname! So funny.

Lisa F. in PA