Monday, March 30, 2009

More gift card holders

It has been an exciting weekend. Two of us have started our own cuttlebug yahoo group. We tried to be pretty organized, creating it and loading all sorts of info into files, links and photo albums before we announced it on another yahoo group.
Well long story short we have over 125 members - it has been a rather busy two days to say the least. But so much fun.
Have issued a challenge (card layout) and a monthly mingle. So that's a start.
Here is link in case you are interested:
Requirement for membership - a love for cuttlebug "stuff"
Have tweaked some of the gift card holders - added bits to make them "better"!

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Chris / CS Designs said...

Mary-Jane, Fabulous Card Holders, I tried these once and have been meaning to make more. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.
:) Chris / CS Designs