Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sick of winter and cold weather

Monday we woke up to 4+" of heavy wet snow which made the commute to work pretty slow going. By that afternoon, most of it had melted and was causing flooding problems in the older districts - city of calgary workers didn't get flood gates open soon enough! Tuesday and Wednesday were warm with temps above 0'C - so the snow from the winter was continuing to melt. This morning we had white out conditions - the trip to mailbox was quite alarming as you could hardly see in front of you. Now it has cleared a bit but it sure is cold - present temp -12'C but with the wind blowing it is more like - 20 or colder.
Sure am tired of the snow and the cold. Can hardly wait for winter to end and spring to arrive - of course this is Calgary - that might not happen for another month.
Have finished my challenge/mingle card for one of the online groups - thought I would share it with you. It is a criss cross card (kind of like an envelope) - insert where you would write a greeting is beside it.
Stamper's Quest Magazine has a monthly sketch challenge - I spent a lot of time making cards for this challenge - I finally ended up with this one.....

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