Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Busy Day

Today was full of "busyness" - took my son's dog to the groomers. It was her first time getting spiffied up - this is a border collie whom son "inherited" after he moved onto an acreage west of Strathmore. She sadly had been neglected and wouldn't come near the house, ran in circles chasing her tale - mostly out of boredom. She is so smart and has turned out to be a wonderful pet. She still spins but a lot less than when she first happened on the scene. She got dropped off this morning at our house so I could take her to groomers when it opened. She looked so sad. She just stood at the front door....waiting........ enough to break your heart! After a quick shower I loaded her into my car and off we went to the groomers. What a trooper - she went in but was very scared when they wanted to take her into the back. The girls were so good with her and just coaxed her. My son says she looked like a different dog when he picked her up this afternoon. Makes sense - what female doesn't feel better after getting a new hairdo?
From there had appt in south end of town so stopped by stamp store...yes of course I bought some stamps and then went on to have lunch at LaBrezza with a work colleague. What a wonderful restaurant - great food, great service and great company! So all in all a wonderful day!

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Susan said...

Sounds like you had a great day! The stamp store and restaurant sound great. I'll bet the pooch is just too cute to be real!