Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday morning

Well had coffee early yesterday moring at Tims with old friend. Had made her some cards and finally remembered to bring them to coffee date.We had a good visit and she needs a birthday card for her DS's girlfriend. She said the girl likes bright things, so that is my goal for this week - to make my friend about half a dozen cards. Hopefully one she can give to this girl as well as others who are having birthdays soon. I laughed when she said she almost didn't want to give the hand made cards away....I remember feeling like that too once upon a time but now.....I just told her there were lots more where they came from.
Also have to clean up my craft room as have my stepsister coming to play in the next day or two. Not sure why this happens but when I make a card, especially if I am in a rush, I get it made and then look at my room and it looks like a bomb went off in there - anyone else have the same issues? Wish I could get better at putting stuff away as I use it - some days I spend more time looking for something I just put down than I actually spend crafting!

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