Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fun weekend

Yesterday two dear old friends come to my house for a girl's night away. In the afternoon, we drove to Inglewood and wandered through shops admiring the unique furniture and lawn decorations. Then we went for supper to a "diner" - 50's style - food was great - then home to watch a movie. Of course I couldn't get my new DVD/VHS recorder to work so had to find and figure out how to plug in my old one - we had more laughs over that! But finally we were able to watch the movie, "Return to Me" - a favorite of mine - then to bed. Breakfast consisted of whole wheat pancakes, fresh fruit and assorted breakfast meats with lots of coffee. What a fun time we had. We have decided we need to do that about every three or four months - just the girls - a day of shopping (not necessarily to buy anything), dinner out, a movie and then bed with a big breakfast. Does life get any better?

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Sandra said...

How brill is this Chook!
Very clever and very exciting, looks like a whole lot of fun to me. Love your jungle!